“The Lion of Zion”. That’s the nickname Ari Fuld zl was given after his murder. But why? His name Ari translates to Lion, quite fitting because of the way he lived and died fighting, and Zion because this is the place he did it all for. But we must not forget that Ari also dedicated his free time to helping all those on the front lines defending and protecting us. ‘Standing Together’ is a non-profit organisation, co-run by Ari, created to be there for soldiers wherever they are, bringing food and clothes to them. The organisation comprises only of a trailer attached to the back of a car and Ari’s next project was to raise USD $300,000 to buy a new state-of-the-art truck, that can go all over the country for a number of days carrying pizza ovens and lots of equipment. He was dedicating the truck in memory of his dear friend Yehoshua Friedberg who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists. Since Ari’s murder, we have made it our mission to fulfill his goal of purchasing the truck. It’s a perfect way to honour and remember Ari and what he lived for. The truck will be in memory of Yehoshua, and Ari. So please join us on the team, on 15/03/19 or if you can’t make it, donate what you can. עם ישראל חי!